1971-1992 Bill and Margy served in Queretaro, Mexico

     •     Produced Christian Radio Programs  

     -     Correspondence Classes

     -     Visitations to Students

     •     Worked in the Local Church

     •     Developed A Camp Program

     •     Taught at a Bible Institute

     •     Attended a small English-speaking church

     •     Raised their two children, Mark and Rebecca

1992-1993 The Hoffs lived at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN

     •     Bill taught at the college

     •     Mark was a freshman at Johnson University

1993-2014 Bill and Margy served in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

     •     Directed a Bible Institute - a 2-year residential program to train pastors

     •     1996-2010: Graduated 6 classes of 32 total men

Many of the graduates now serve in churches throughout Honduras.

     •     2011-2014 Leadership Training Seminars for 8 churches in 6 locations

Approximately 50 church leaders completed the course.

1999-2001 Mark and Joy taught at a school for missionary kids in San Jose, Costa Rica.

2001- Mark and Joy joined Bill and Margy in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Encouraging and Caring for Missionaries

     •     Missionary Kid Youth Camps and Retreats

     •     11th-12th Grade Missionary Kid Re-Entry Retreats

     •     Annual Missionary Conferences for Missionary Families

     •     Hosting Missionaries in their home

     •     Helping Missionaries navigate life in Honduras (residency paperwork, purchasing supplies, buying and selling vehicles, moving logistics, police reports, etc.)

     •     Listening to Missionaries’ Struggles over cups of coffee

     •     Providing counsel

     •     Repairing cars and computers

     •     Caring for the health and physical needs of elderly missionaries

     •     Responding to Crisis

     •     Connecting and Networking missionaries to help one another

Empowering Pastors

     •     Attending Quarterly Pastors’ Meetings

     •     Hosting Pastors and Their Families in Our Homes

     •     Listening to and Advising Pastors

     •     Helping with a Pastors’ Wives’ Retreat

Educating Church Leaders

     •     Bible Institute and Leadership Training Seminars (1996-2014)

     •     Camps and Retreats (Annual Mens’ Retreat, Annual Women’s Retreat, Christ in Youth Camp)

     •     One-on-one Mentoring and Discipling

B.C.M Foundation and History